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Expert AI and ML Consulting Services

Specializing in helping clients find or realize their vision in AI, ML and
Data Science

  • Strategic Advising and Consulting

  • AI/ML Prototypes/MVPs/PoCs and full features & products with your data

  • Interim or Fractional Leadership:

    • Chief Data Scientist

    • Chief Data Officer

    • Chief Research Officer

    • Chief Analytics Officer

  • DS Team Building/Up-skilling and Mentoring

  • Intellectual Property Generation and Strategy

Decades of expertise in advanced R&D, AI, ML, project management, and intellectual property strategy in diverse verticals such as Defense,  

Physics, Renewables, CX, FinTech. 

East Village AI boasts the rare skills needed to overcome barriers to success.

By blending great planning, hard work, and the art of complex problem solving, East Village AI provides near term accelerated results—consistent with your long term vision.

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