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Expert AI and ML Consulting Services

Chris Clarke, Ph.D.--AI Advisor and Consultant

About East Village AI

Established in 2021, East Village AI is dedicated to empowering clients to achieve their objectives by harnessing the transformative potential of artificial intelligence. My mission is to unlock innovative features, valuable insights, and enhanced capabilities, guiding startups and non-AI-first organizations towards a future defined by technological excellence and strategic vision.

Chris Clarke, Ph.D.

Innovation in Data Science is my specialty.

From big data analytics strategy and execution to novel machine learning and AI applications and algorithms, I help clients get optimal value from their data in any form.


Ph.D., cum laude, Theoretical Physics, New York University ▪ 2003

Thesis: Time Dependent Generalization of Floquet Method Applied to Pulsed Interactions


M.S. - Computational Physics, New York University, New York ▪ 2001


B.A. - Applied Physics, Eng. Emphasis, UNC, Greeley, CO. ▪ 1997

Thesis: Construction of a Cylindrical Radiofrequency Ion Trap​

Data Science leader and R&D specialist with business acumen offering strong analytic skills; excelling in disruptive new product development and IP capture in big-data ecosystems. Strong background in data science/statistics topics in both timeseries and unstructured data domains.

Detail-oriented, analytical problem-solving skills; project/program management experience with customer-facing and business capture roles. Quick assimilation of new ideas and technologies. Robust communication skills. Succeeds in setting coherent strategy and vision throughout the product lifecycle: from pre-EDA and data mining through production and iterative improvements. Analytics and AI and all things in between.


Creative, curious, big-data scientist and independent researcher with strong background in numerical analysis, algorithms, advanced computational software, applied mathematics and topics in data science and statistics including: predictive analytics, machine learning, pattern recognition, clustering/segmentation, NLP, neural networks, Large Language Models, and Generative AI.


Deep experience setting and realizing strategic data vision, applying business acumen, garnering stakeholder support/understanding, and developing/leading teams in R&D culminating in disruptive novel products and features.  Track record of successfully building and up-skilling diverse teams to achieve short and longterm business goals.  Strong IP experience including strategy, capture, maintenance—with multiple patents.

Experienced AI and ML Expert

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